What Others Are Saying:

Dear Mr. Shaw,

 Thank you for creatingDaily Bible Lessons. It is a very valuable resource in our family library and one that we use more than any other, next to our Bible.  I have printed all of the lessons; put them in sheet protectors with the questions on the front page and the answers on the back. They are organized in 7 binders starting with Genesis all the way through Revelation. Now, after our daily Bible reading we can go to the Daily Bible Lessons and further our family devotions and retention by utilizing your questions and answers.  It is also fun. Our family really enjoys quizzing each other with the questions in Daily Bible Lessons. We have also used it the last two years while studying for the National Bible Bee. You have done an amazing job covering the entire Bible. Thank you so much for all of the time you have put into Daily Bible Lessons to help us each grow more in our relationship with our loving Savior Jesus Christ. 

Blessing to you and your family,



" Using the Daily Bible Lessons program helps me to retain what I have just read by asking pertinent questions. You stop and think about what God has written. I like the fact that this program keeps me accountable and disciplined in helping me keep up with my readings. I look forward to checking the answer key afterwards, it's a fun way to learn the Bible. Other Bible programs don't have a comprehensive question and answer key, so you are not really sure what you've retained during your readings. This program is easy to use and arrives on schedule in my computer and reminds me of next months reading." ~ Cheryl - Mariposa, CA  

"I have been very blessed by the Daily Lessons that have been so graciously provided. It is evident that the Lord has a plan with you and this venture. It has been a wonderful tool for our family and the children maintain interest with the lessons, knowing that they will have a short quiz at the end. As we read through our loving God's Word the children desire to pay attention and remain engaged and attentive. They have the answers during review and questioning and retain the information. Thank you. Your brother in Christ.      ~ Christian K., MO   


Read what my children have to say about Daily Bible Lessons...

“I like listening to daddy read.” –Amy, age 3

“My favorite part of family Bible time is doing the quiz. It helps me remember what I heard.”  -Macy, age 10

“I like it. Sometimes I get an answer wrong, and it’s like, oops. I forgot that.”  -Justus, age 7

“I like doing quizzes, it’s fun.”  -Elley, age 5

“It’s important to study God’s word. One day I would like to use it for my family. The more you read the Bible, the more you know it and the verses stay in your mind to do what God wants.”  -Holly, age 12